In-House Roasting.

The future of coffee is here...

and Tropical Coffee Roasters

gets you to it


Coffee Roasting Machines

Tropical Coffee Roaster TR-1000
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Choose from our varieties the coffee you desire


Roast it easily and  tirelessly with our 100% automatic coffee roaster


Enjoy, by making a difference!

TR-1000, TR-3000,

The only ones with 120 fully automatic coffee roasting programs that work without an operator

Same roasting quality in every batch

A shop 

full of smell of freshly roasted coffee

5 years warranty

Ideal for coffee shops, bakeries etc., with no special operating license required

TR-1000: roasts

250g-2kg (32kg/8 hours)

TR-3000: roasts

500g-3kg (42kg/8 hours)

TR-5000: roasts

1kg-5kg (80kg/8 hours)

How it works

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Green Coffee

At Tropical Café we supply our customers with single-estate coffees and our own blends (raw coffee). In addition, our customers can create the blend of their choice, which will give their store a distinct identity, roasting it in the TR-1000 machine. You can also find our varieties in the form of roasted coffee, either for consumption in store or for domestic use.


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BLOG: Honorary distinction "Greek Exports Forum & Awards 2020" at TROPICALCAFE

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις / FAQ

Πόσο καφέ μπορεί να καβουρδίσει η TR-1000 ; / How much coffee can the TR-1000 roast?

Η μηχανή καβουρδίσματος TR-1000 μπορεί να καβουρδίσει 2-4 κιλά καφέ την ώρα, δηλαδή 16-32 κιλά το 8ωρο. / The TR-1000 roasting machine can roast 2-4 kg of coffee per hour, i.e. 16-32 kg per 8 hours.

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