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Put an end to the constant regulation of your coffee cutting mills, 
because of moisture. It is known, that in areas with a lot of 
moisture required the arrangement of the coffee grinder several 
times a day. As a result, valuable time is lost, 
but mostly many doses of coffee are lost until it is adjusted 

Water Drops

"HUMIDEX" with "Dried Air" system with the refractory membrane with 25,000 nanocells creates 
the ideal "microclimate"' in the bin of your mill and maintains 
constant temperature throughout the day, without the need for adjustment, 
keeping the aromas and freshness of your coffee intact. 
Thanks to "HUMIDEX" the knives of your grinder are kept clean 
and you have the perfect cut in your coffee.

It is the most useful tool 
of the barista that ensures flawless extract and stable flow in the 
espresso machine. "HUMIDEX" is made with stainless steel 
suitable for food. "HUMIDEX" is very easy to install 
inside the bucket of your mill and adapts to all 
types of market mills. 

Ground Coffee