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About Us

Coffee Roasting at its finest

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Tropical Coffee Roasters is a company specializing in the manufacture of Horeca machines, roasting machines, electrostatic filters and equipment. It manufactures entirely the roasting machines TR-1000, TR-3000 and TR-6000 in Greece and its goal is to acquire more and more cafes, coffee shops etc. its machines to roast in their space as much coffee as they need and whenever they need it.


This is where tropical café completes the project. Tropical Café specializes in the import and processing of raw coffee. We always choose varieties of first quality green coffee beans. Coffee beans are imported into Greece from farms in the Ecuadorian zone. Our main importing countries are: Jamaica, Peru, Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Honduras, Guatemala, etc. When coffee beans reach our warehouses, they are kept in ideal conditions of temperature, lighting, humidity and ventilation.



From then on:

They are packed for delivery to Tropical Coffee Roasters customers to roast on its roasting machines.

They are roasted by us for sale in cafes, while they are also available for domestic use in the form of a grain, cut or capsule.

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