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Tropical Cafe pioneers in In-House Roasting

Tropical Café a few years ago entered dynamically into the coffee business, teaching the world and especially the café owners, the process of roasting and how they can achieve it within their space. With over 45 years of experience in the creation and mass production in Greece of catering machines and more, it introduced to the market the first fully automatic coffee roasting machine. Until that time, the roasting process required specially designed areas, with specialized facilities and qualified personnel. But Tropical Café changed that. With the TR-1000 roasting machine, you don't need any of the above. We created a new fashion where the shops roast the coffee in their shop. It is small in size, does not need an installation permit, and as long as it is fully automatic it does not need qualified personnel.

What does fully automatic mean? It means that coffee is roasted without the need for human intervention. Specifically, we open the machine, choose the desired roasting profile and the warm-up begins. When finished, the machine alerts us to pour the coffee into the socket. From then on, everything happens automatically. The coffee is roasted and when the process is finished, it comes out of the chamber, falls into the pan and finally begins the cooling process. It's that simple!

Why would someone roast the coffee in their place? Initially, the roasting machine refers the customer to something traditional and different and seeing it creates interest around the whole process. Then, when the coffee is roasted, a pleasant smell emerges in the room that tempts everyone. The coffee is always fresh and you roast as much as you like. Finally, the cost of raw coffee is significantly lower than that of roasted coffee, so every entrepreneur makes a bigger profit.

It is worth noting that giant companies in the coffee business, adopted our idea and attempted to supply their customers with failed copies of our own roasting machine TR-1000. Very quickly, however, they were forced to withdraw them from the market as unfit for use as intended.

After the success of the 2kg TR-1000 and at the request of our customers, we are pleased to present to you our new 5kg automatic roasting machine TR-5000, for a greater amount of coffee roasting (up to 5 kg).

Get to know the magic of roasting and make a difference! For more information visit or call 2105129707.


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